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Consistent Supply in Times of Silicone Shortage - Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Are you struggling to get hold of construction sealants and


Supply chain issues are having a huge impact across the construction industry – with contractors struggling to get hold of the materials they need. Rising demand from Asia, a global shortage of shipping containers, the Suez Canal issue, a reduction in manufacturing capacity caused by the global pandemic and the start of a recovery boom is causing problems across the industry.

The sealant industry is no different – we’re in the middle of a global silicone polymer supply shortage!

As a result, many of the world’s construction coatings and sealant suppliers are struggling to get hold of the ingredients they need. This is causing widespread supply issues, longer lead times and project delays, as contractors across the globe struggle to source the sealants and coatings they need.

Thankfully, customers buying GE Silicones products don’t have to worry. The global supply chain issues affecting silicone polymers haven’t impacted our business, and there has been no disruption to the manufacturing or supply of our construction coatings and sealants due to a shortage of polymer.

In this post – Momentive Technical Manager, Errol Bull, explores our unique history and vertically integrated silicone manufacturing process, and how this enables us to offer customers consistent supply and quality.

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